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Renew you mind. Revive your spirit. Rejoice in the Lord.


Women that attend the Rejoice Women Conferences and Events have an opportunity to hear great and biblically sound teaching. They have an opportunity to share their testimonies to encourage other women to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. They also better understand what it means to “Rejoice”.

One of the Greek words for rejoice is the word “chairo” and it is most frequently used as a verb to show the type of action we individually display towards God on various occasions. We are to rejoice in the Lord, (Phil 3:1; 4:4). We rejoice in who He is and what He has done for us in time and eternity.

What We Are to Rejoice In

We are to rejoice in His incarnation, Luke 1:14; His power, Luke 13:17; His presence with the Father, John 14:28; Our enrollment in Heaven, Luke 10:20 and so many other things written that will cause us to rejoice daily.

At our events we reflect and meditate on all that God has done for us in Christ and rejoice with one another – which brings us to the second Greek work for Rejoice. It is the word “sunchairo”. The word “sun” means together with. When you combine “Sun with Chairo” you get “to rejoice together with” on occasion of the recovery of what was lost. For example, you may have lost your job, but God gave you a better job! That is truly a time of rejoicing!

The word is also used when we suffer for the cause of Christ and other believers come along side to rejoice with us. There are five Greek words used in the New Testament to describe the occasion for rejoicing (not including all the passages in the psalms) that tell us when, where and why we should rejoice and praise the LORD. Based on those alone there should not be a day or occasion that we do not rejoice in the Lord.

Please consider attending one of the events we have planned and join with us as we join with you to praise our Lord and our God for all He has done and will do in and through us.

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